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Our Therapists

We are a group of dedicated and inspired licensed providers, always increasing our training in a variety of therapeutic modalities to best suit your individual needs, strengths, and personalities. All Bloom Therapy LPC-Associates are supervised by Katy David, LPC-Supervisor, and have been specifically chosen for their interest and dedication towards mastering experiential, holistic, and somatic therapies. These are the most efficient, cutting-edge, and effective therapeutic modalities currently available. Within only 1-3 sessions you are likely to feel the changes shifting inside of you; in just a few months your life is likely to be substantially different. If you have tried therapy in the past and felt you were merely treading water or enjoying a place to vent, you were likely doing "talk therapy". Some people find a lot of value in that, but most need to work more deeply and holistically to create lasting changes from the inside out. If you want therapy that really works and are highly motivated to participate in your own growth, our practice may be just what you are searching for. We recommend you start by referencing our "Quick & Easy Therapist Specialty Chart", and then visit the therapist profile pages that specialize in areas you are wanting help with. If any of the profiles resonate with you and sound like a possible fit, contact them directly for a complementary 15-minute phone consultation. Feel free and call more than one therapist. Trust your inner guidance, and feel free to shop around a bit before deciding if that helps you feel more confident about your selection. Our therapists will never pressure you to schedule or be offended if you go with another clinician. It is most important that you find a therapist that is a great match for you. Of course, if you "feel" the match resonating on the phone, then definitely go for it!

Our Therapists


Elaine Fife

Available for In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specializations include: Developing Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Regulation and Resilience, Empowerment and Self-Love, Assertiveness Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, Communication, Religious and Spiritual, Trauma, Childhood Trauma and Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Ennui and Awakening, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Depression and Anxiety, Motherhood and Parenting, Developing Healthy Relationships, Identity Exploration, Transgender and Non-binary issues, Highly Sensitive Persons. Elaine sees individual adults.

Karey Scheyd

Available for In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specialties include: Grief and loss, Complex and developmental trauma, Substance use, addiction, and recovery, Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, Foster care and/or adoption, Existential challenges, identity exploration, and life transitions, Anxiety and/or depression, Certified NARM® Therapist, Self-Management & Recovery Training (SMART), Leaders, managers, performers, Adults & families

Mariel Sahad

Available for In-person Sessions & Teletherapy! Adults & Couples; Bilingual in English & Spanish; Specializations include: Death & Health Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Pregnancy Loss, OCD, Eating Disorders, Highly Sensitive Persons, Existential Challenges and Self-Exploration, Multicultural Concerns, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Life Transitions, Self-esteem, Confidence & Body Positivity
LPC-Associate & Operational Director

Whitney Granado

Available for In-person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specializations include: Trauma & PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Substance use & addiction recovery, Adult children from family systems with addiction, Relationship challenges, Communication skills, Self-esteem & confidence, Grief and loss, Fertility Challenges, Life transitions, Identity exploration

Simran Mayadas

Available for In-person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specialties include: Trauma & PTSD, Transitions (life, identity, employment), Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem & self-concept, Navigating interpersonal relationships, Communicating needs & boundaries, Mindfulness coaching, Mood regulation and coping, Addictive behaviors, Eating disorders, Teachers/coaches, Athletes and performers, Entrepreneurs & business owners, First responders, Motherhood
Founder & Supervising Clinical Director

Katy David, LPC-S

My primary focus is on cultivating exceptional therapists and ensuring exemplary client care of all Bloom Therapy clients. I provide licensed clinical supervision to Bloom Therapy LPC-Associates, with a somatic, experiential, holistic and integrative focus.

Mariel Sahad

¡Disponible para Sesiones en Persona y Teleterapia! Bilingüe en Inglés y Español; Especialidades: Ansiedad por Muerte y por la Salud, Obsesivo Compulsivo, Pérdida de Embarazo, Personas Muy Sensible, Trastornos de la Alimentación, Desafíos Existenciales, Dolor y Pérdida, Preocupaciones Multiculturales, Depresión, Ansiedad, Trauma, Transiciones de Vida, Autoestima y Positividad de Cuerpo

Grace Willow

Available for Teletherapy Sessions!  Specializations include: women’s issues (including pelvic health issues, self-worth, shame, guilt, unworthiness, undeserving, not good enough, imposter syndrome, anxiety and digestive issues); trauma healing and integration, attachment repair and inner child healing; Archetypal healing and Shadow Work; life transitions; sexuality; spirituality and integrating spiritual awakening experiences; empathic / highly sensitive person (HSP)

Becca Baughman

Specializations include: Trauma , EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Existential questions and life transitions, Self-worth, Relationship growth and repair, Sexual orientation and gender identity, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and loss, Integrating spiritual experiences
LMSW, Certified Yoga Instructor

Jamie Figari

Available for In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specializations include: Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality, Codependency,Coping Skills, Dual Diagnosis, Infidelity, Internet Addiction, Life Transitions, Narcissistic Personality, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Self-Harming, Sexual Addiction, Spirituality, Sports Performance, Stress, Substance Use, Suicidal Ideation, Video Game Addiction, Women's Issues, Impulse Control Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Thinking Disorders, Open Relationships Non-Monogamy, Single Mothers, Adults & Couples, Emotional Regulation, Athletes, Creatives

Jasmine Sanders

Available for In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specialties Include: Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Self-esteem, Confidence, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, Communication, Relationships, LGBTQ+, Body Positivity, Sex Positivity, Multicultural, Motherhood, Spirituality, Career, Women's Issues, Highly Sensitive People
Mind-Body Medicine

Patrick Harris, PhD, LPC

Available for In-Person Sessions & Teletherapy! Specialties include: Depression; Anxiety; Cultural identity; Therapeutic Humor; Hypnotherapy; Life transitions; Relationship issues; Tobacco cessation; Chronic health conditions; Individual adults; CBT; MB-CBT; Mindfulness; Mind-body medicine

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