Groups & Workshops

Rooted & Resilient Therapy Group

ROOTED & RESILIENT is a mixed-gender adult process group open to those over the age of 25 for Group 1 and over the age of 20 for Group 2. This interactional group focuses on building, exploring, and sustaining relationships. While there is no prescribed agenda for each session, members are encouraged to talk honestly and directly about their feelings while also receiving and offering support and feedback to other members.

EMDR Intensives: Accelerate Your Healing

Are you struggling with the weight of acute trauma and seeking help that offers rapid relief and embodied healing? EMDR Intensives offer a transformative path for your needs. What is EMDR? EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a therapy designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories. Through bilateral stimulation, EMDR taps into...

Administrative Career Opportunities

Psychotherapy Administrative Assistant & Insurance Specialist (1 position open) Do you consider yourself a helper by nature? Are you someone who thinks two steps ahead and loves solving puzzles and problems? Do you love organization and have a detail-oriented mind? Do you enjoy regular interaction with humans in a supportive, collaborative, and beautiful office environment?...

Therapist Career Opportunities

1 position open for an LPC-Supervisor (full or part-time; hybrid position is okay). Bloom is actively seeking an LPC-Supervisor who would like to provide both client therapy and on-site Licensed Supervision to our LPC-Associates.  1 position open for an independently-licensed mental health clinician of any licensure type (full or part-time; hybrid position is okay), ideally...

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