More groups & workshops coming soon!

Groups & Workshops

We have more groups and workshops we are planning to launch soon. Please check back for updates!
Taught by Katy David, LPC-S & Wesley McGuffey

Free True Love Workshops

This is a free, informational workshop offered once per month that is powerful on its own, or in conjunction with our True Love Dating Groups. Katy and Wes will share with you their proven formula to find True Love quickly. Our method relies on specific behaviors from you and the Laws of the Universe. The first is controllable and the latter is predictable. Your success relies on your actions. These free workshops are suitable for and open to people of all sexual orientations. If you are seeking your one true love and have always had a feeling they are out there somewhere, you do not want to miss this workshop.
Led by Katy David, LPC-S & Wesley McGuffey

True Love Dating Groups

We are currently accepting applications for our (extremely affordable) True Love Dating Groups. These are spiritual, intentional, biweekly coached intentional dating groups for single humans who are serious about finding their person. Personalized guidance, group support, and accountability can make it easier to follow the formula. In these groups, you will receive personalized coaching from Katy & Wes while having the opportunity to share your dating process with other group members who are on a similar journey.

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