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Our mission is to help people from all walks of life bloom into their fullest and highest expressions through holistic, spiritually-informed, mental healthcare. We are a group of dedicated and inspired licensed providers, always increasing our training in a variety of therapeutic modalities to best suit your individual needs, strengths, and personalities.

A message from our founder…

I’m Katy David, the Founder and Supervising Clinical Director of Bloom Therapy. I have been blessed to develop a skillset that is highly effective in healing people’s traumas, anxieties, and relationship difficulties, and I really enjoy teaching what I have learned in order to make a positive impact on the world. My latest mission is to expand the availability of quality psychotherapy that actually works, by teaching and mentoring talented new therapists in the areas of somatic and experiential therapies. These therapies are at the cutting edge of scientifically-grounded and spiritually-aware treatments; they accurately conceptualize the whole problem and address client needs from the inside-out, honoring all dimensions of body, mind, energy, emotions and spirit. As Bloom continues to grow, we aim to be a community resource for holistic healing and attaining an optimal state of wellbeing. We aim to balance very high quality service with rates that are affordable to many, and have a mission of expanding this affordability even further as we continue to grow.

We firmly believe the world would be a better place if every single person had a good therapist and the engagement in therapy became mainstream, just like regular physical checkups with your doctor. Our practice emphasizes this universality of the human condition. We offer a holistic, scientific, and deeply human approach to therapy and healing. Our primary goal is to introduce clients to fresh ways of relating, thinking, moving, and being that foster personal growth. We specialize in engaging the natural healing capacity of the mind/body system to help people work through normal but difficult human experiences like anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, spiritual struggles, life choices, and transitions, and come out on the other end refreshed and stronger. We creatively marry modern and ancient sciences to help each client pursue his or her individual path to wellness.

We capitalize on the healing power of mindful, intentional exploration to guide you towards your deepest truths and help you clarify your next steps, and aim to provide a qualified, professional presence with a comfortable, safe space where you can explore your mind and body in-depth in order to reach your wellness goals efficiently and completely. We consider it our job to work ourselves out of a job as your therapist, to create with you such a transformative experience that you become your own sanctuary.

Who we can help…

We serve Individual Adults, Couples, and Families who are Texas residents.

While each of our therapists will have different specializations and interests, we all specialize in using a holistic framework when conceptualizing both the roots of human suffering, and the solution. Our work together is often more than “talk therapy”, and experiential, somatic methods will be utilized to expedite the healing process and orient you most efficiently to your authentic self. Please browse the individual therapist pages to find the right therapists for your needs. If we are not the right fit for your needs, we will do our best to offer a suitable referral. We currently do not offer therapy to minors, except in the family therapy setting. All Licensed Professional Counselor Associates at Bloom Therapy are supervised by Katy David, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor.

How Do I Get Started?

Just 2 Steps.

The hardest part of therapy is sometimes deciding to go, and then it’s finding a therapist. We think finding a therapist should be easy. At Bloom Therapy, we do our best to quickly determine whether or not we have the skills to help you reach your wellness goals. If none of our available therapists are the right fit for you, we do our best to offer helpful referrals.

Step 1:

Browse our therapist profiles

Four criteria must be met to ensure a great therapeutic fit. Keeping these factors in mind when selecting a therapist will help you narrow down your choices. The four criteria for a great fit are:

  • skillset/areas of specialization
  • therapeutic style/personality
  • availability/scheduling
  • financial symbiosis (both therapist and client are content with energy exchange agreement)


Matching with the right therapist allows the two of you to efficiently and sustainably reach your goals together. Pay attention to their list of specialties, and review their therapeutic style and skillset. Your intuition is often the best way to choose a therapist. If they have the skillset to help you, if you are drawn to their bio/style/personality, and their rate is agreeable you, your next step is to schedule a phone consultation to confirm these criteria are a match for both of you, and to discuss alignment with scheduling/availability. 

Step 2:

Schedule a free consultation

Call, text, or email a potential therapist directly to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. There is no pressure to set up an appointment during the phone call, and you are welcome to consult with more than one therapist, within or outside of Bloom Therapy, before deciding.

Therapist contact information is on their individual profile pages, as well as our scheduling page. During this phone call the two of you can discuss whether your needs match with their skillset, and make sure your schedules are in alignment for a sustainable treatment plan. Your therapist can also answer any lingering financial questions that are not covered in our Payment & Insurance section of this website.

If both of you feel it is a good fit, and agree to schedule during the phone call, the hardest part of getting started is done! Your therapist will take it from here.

For Prospective Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Most client questions can be answered on this website. We’re happy to help via email or phone if you don’t find what you are looking for, but checking here first really helps us to focus on providing awesome therapy!

How do I know if I need therapy?

Here at Bloom, we believe therapy is wonderful when used as a preventative tool, so it’s never too early. It’s also never too late. Therapy is a practical tool for navigating life more effectively, and reaching your goals more efficiently. We firmly believe the world would be a better place if every single person had a good therapist and the engagement in therapy became mainstream, just like regular physical checkups with your doctor. Therapy can be used both to prevent problems, and to recover from them. Licensed Professional Counselors have various skillsets. At Bloom Therapy, we can help you navigate out of a very intense crisis, heal from a chronic behavior or mood pattern, and/or just offer a safe space to self-reflect and receive outside perspective from a neutral, unbiased professional when making important life decisions.

Why are your rates more affordable than elsewhere?

One of Bloom’s missions is to make therapy affordable to as many people as possible, while still practicing good self-care. We do this by recruiting talented new therapists whom are recently licensed, and providing them with extremely high quality supervision that allows them to quickly and efficiently grow their skillset. By providing jobs to passionate new therapists who are starting off with a great foundation, but still need to build their practice and gain supervised hours that are required for them to practice independently, we create a win-win for our valuable therapists and our community.

How long does therapy last?

This will depend on your individual situation, needs, and goals, but most people are in therapy from anywhere between six months to a year. Sometimes people with complex trauma histories may need up to 2 years to heal completely. We aim to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible, and work ourselves out of a job, so that you become your own therapist. We know that the more helpful we are to you, the more likely you are to refer your friends and family. While we understand your goals may expand as you make progress, and we will always be available to you as long as we are helpful in your expansion, we are very opposed to creating client-dependence.

Will insurance cover my sessions?

Insurance is complicated business. Please review our Payment & Insurance page to find your individual answer.

What is a LPC-Associate?

Licensed Professional Counselor Associates have obtained a Masters degree in a Counseling/Psychology-related field, passed the National Counselors Examination, and have gained at least 2 semesters/300 hours of clinical experience in graduate school practicums before beginning their 3000 hour associateship. Each associate will be at a different stage of earning these 3000 hours. Just ask in your free initial consultation! It is difficult to keep this site updated as they are accruing hours each week. Therapists at Bloom are on track to complete their supervised hours within 2 years. They are under supervision for these first 3000 hours as provisionally-licensed clinicians, after which point the supervisor may approve them as eligible for independent licensure, which means practicing without required, direct, and weekly supervision. All licensed therapists are required to attend regular CEUs and trainings to maintain licensure, throughout their careers.

Why do different Bloom therapists charge different rates?

Therapist rates will increase with their experience level. Newly licensed clinician rates start at $80 per hour, and gradually increase up to $120 as they gain more experience and increase their skillset breadth and clinical mastery. Once you begin with a clinician, your rate will not increase for a minimum of 6 months, unless you can afford the increase and agree to compensate your therapist according to their fair value.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

We aim to combine affordability with very high quality for the price, our rates reflecting a balance of personal and community care. If you are uninsured and cannot afford our regular rates, contact your desired therapist and let them know what you can afford; they may have a sliding scale slot available to accommodate your needs. Please only request this option if you can truly not afford our already reasonable rates, so that we can continue to serve a broad community while earning a fair income for our services. An immense amount of education, time, energy, money, and heart goes into our clinical development and business operations. We appreciate your honesty and may request a signed personal statement of monthly income and expenses to be considered for a sliding scale opening.

Why should I choose a Bloom Therapist?

You should choose whatever therapist is the best fit for your needs, goals, personality, schedule, and finances. Our therapists are passionate, highly committed to clinical excellence, and have varying specialties and skills. We are honored to be a part of your healing journey if we are the right fit for you. No therapist or group practice will be the right fit for everyone.

All Bloom Therapists are committed to mastering somatic, experiential healing methods that go beyond what classic CBT, or “talk therapy”, can do. They are being trained in cutting edge understanding of the mind/body/spirit system, and how to unblock the natural healing capacity of humans from a holistic perspective.

All of our therapists are spiritually curious and nondogmatic in their approach.

Another factor that makes our practice unique, that many of our clients love, is that we file out-of-network insurance claims for nearly all insurance providers, rather than handing you a SuperBill and asking you to do it yourself. This is very unique for an out-of-network therapy provider.

“Katy’s acceptance based therapy has helped shape and heal me in just a few months from years of anxiety and panic attacks. I am forever grateful to Katy and am so glad I found her!”

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