Contact Our Clinical Director

Don’t hesitate to contact our Interim Clinical Director, Tita Machado, while our Clinical Director, Elaine Fife, is out on maternity leave for the following reasons:

  • Questions or concerns regarding services you are receiving at Bloom Therapy from another therapist.
  • Urgent but non-emergency support when your Bloom therapist is on vacation or unreachable. Tita can help match you with another therapist while your regular therapist is unavailable, and with your permission, can give them access to your treatment history (clinical file).

Please keep inquiries to the above concerns. Marketing/Sales communications are unlikely to be returned.

  • Interested in joining the team and becoming a Bloom therapist? Follow the instructions on our Employment Application page.

If this is a mental health emergency, please call 911, 988, or 512-472-4357 (crisis hotline).

Tita Machado may be reached at 737-704-7347

or [email protected].


All communications are confidential. Tita does her best to respond to communications within 24 business hours. Occasional situations may make this difficult to do.

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