Employment Application

Bloom Therapy is routinely hiring LPC-Associates. These positions offer a fair and ethical commission-based pay structure as well as certain employment benefits. High-quality, licensed supervision is included free-of-charge as an employment benefit.

Bloom Therapy offers passionate, newly-developing therapists a place to earn supervised hours quickly while receiving fair compensation, valuable training, and supportive mentorship. LPC-Associates who maintain their caseload can earn a living wage or higher as W-2 employees, with supervision and high quality training included in their employee benefits, so they don’t have to worry about those costs at these early stages of their careers. For far too long there have been unreasonable financial barriers to enter the mental health field, which only adds to the mental health crisis and lack of effective mental health care available in this country, and reduces the diversification of clinicians. One of Bloom Therapy’s missions is to make high quality, post-graduate experience more financially accessible and nurture new therapists who can thrive clinically and financially, and pass their own experience on to the next generation. Associates who complete their board-required experience hours with Bloom Therapy may be given the opportunity to stay on-board with Bloom as fully-licensed clinicians, earning a higher commission rate after that point. This may be ideal for some therapists, while others may choose to start a private practice.

The LPC-Associate positions are paid positions that INCLUDE supervision, marketing, regular client referrals, and a serene office environment (if you choose to meet with clients in person). Associates who build and maintain their caseload can earn a commission-based living without any out-of-pocket costs. Your income will increase as your skills and rates increase. You will be supported in your professional development in a nurturing and balanced environment, which includes a rich combination of group, dual, and individual supervision.

LPC-Associates may offer in-person sessions, virtual sessions, or any combination of the two. They may choose to work from home as long as they have a secure internet connection and a private space at home to do confidential sessions that looks professional. There is ample Bloom office space available for both video sessions and in-person sessions should they prefer that option, or to enjoy some combination of the two.

If you wish to do heart-centered, intuitive work with clients, and not leave every day at work drained from overanalyzing and intellectualizing your clients’ problems, while doing powerful healing work for the world that really makes a difference, and be fairly valued for your energy exchange, Bloom Therapy might be the ideal training opportunity you are looking for.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Open-minded
  • Open-hearted
  • Sharp & discerning
  • Intuitive
  • Eager to learn and grow
  • Independent & self-directed

Candidates must be:

  • eligible to apply for an LPC-Associate license within the next 4 months. If already licensed, you must be willing to switch supervisors, and be near the beginning of your direct experience hours (less than 750 direct hours).
  • aligned with my holistic, experiential approach to psychotherapy. https://bloomtherapytx.com/team_member/katy-david/
  • be seeking opportunities do to supervised clinical work with adults and/or couples. (At this time I cannot offer supervision or office space for seeing minors.).
  • not overly-focused on diagnosis, but rather seeking to see, feel, and understand the whole picture of a client from a mind/body/spirit perspective.
  • committed to pursuing clinical excellence and the highest standard of therapeutic care, which involves being willing to acknowledge weaknesses openly and explore your areas of growth.
  • open to a psychotherapeutic style of supervision; that is, some teaching will be done experientially in our supervision sessions, as I help you explore your own self in the same way I work with my clients.
  • open to exploring in-depth, through experiential modalities, your own blind spots, blocks, triggers, emotions, and patterns that might come up in your work with clients.
  • non-dogmatic and spiritually curious
  • confident and comfortable with using technology/computers
  • in possession of a reliable personal computer with microphone and video camera.
  • willing and able to see at least 15 clients per week, either via tele-therapy or in-person sessions.
  • comfortable receiving phone calls/emails directly from new potential clients, and managing your own schedule.

If interested in interviewing for an LPC-Associate position, please email your complete application packet, in one cohesive email, to Katy David, our Clinical Director, at katy@bloomtherapytx.com. Your complete application/email should include:

  • Cover letter
  • Completed employment application (pdf can be downloaded below)
  • Resume or CV
  • References and/or Letters of recommendation (optional)

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